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About the book




Comfort Zone is a unique bilingual Berlin cookbook featuring the stories of more than 25 migrant Berliners and the foods and recipes that represent their multi-cultural journeys. With over 50 recipes from all over the world, this book celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of Berlin and explores the concept of what “home” means in our globalised world. 

The Comfort Zone - Berlin Cookbook will offer readers an insight into the people, places and cuisines that have, and continue to contribute to the distinct and diverse vibrancy that characterizes Berlin.


Concept & texts: Anna Réka Baktay
Photography: Anna Tihanyi
Artistic director: David Szauder
Project coordinator: Helly Parsons
Social media & PR: Sabrina Kwiatkowski


List of participants



Fabio Adesso- Owner of Lekkamokka Espresso Bar

Mehdi Amara- Owner of Chez Mehdi restaurant and Couscous der Welt

Nicky Broekhuysen -Artist

Daniel Brunet –Producing Artistic Director of English Theatre Berlin |  International Performing Arts Center

Hamze Bytyci - Performer, Activist at RomaTrial 

Maggie Coker- Co-Owner of Rag and Bone Man Vintage Store/ Founderof Neukölln Schatzkarte

Oryanne and Raphel Dufour-  Owners of Un Autre Voodoo DesignStore

Ciarán Fahey -Freelance Journalist, Founder of Abandoned Berlin Blog

Amir Fattal - Artist

Deenesh Ghyczy –Artist

Marta Greber -Food Stylist, Founder of 'What Should I Eat For BreakfastToday?'

Tainá Guedes - CEO and Curator at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Yuriy Gurzhy – DJ, Musician, Composer

Ipek Ipekcioglu- DJ, Composer

Stephen Kovats -  Co-Founder of rOg_agency

Sigurd Larsen - Architect, Furniture Designer

Per Meurling – Founder of Berlin Food Stories Blog

Annamaria Olsson- Writer, Activist and founder of 'Give SomethingBack to Berlin'

Sarmishta Pantham- Designer, Founder of Handful Haus Blog

Rachel Rits-Volloch - Founder, Curator of Momentum Wordwilde Gallery

Cristina Valeria Schuttman - Co-Owner of Silo Spanish Design Store 

William Tomlinson - Co-Owner of Victoria met Albert Lifestyle Store

Ly Trang – Florist

Hal Tsuchida – Musician

Shlomo Afanasev, Rabbi

Fazli Altin, Imam

Volker Steinhoff, Ev. Pfarrer